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Don Drummond, the last person the Liberals asked to review the books, concluded privatization would not solve all Ontario’s budget woes.

But the Liberals just really think this trick will work.

Sign on to tell them their plan is a fantasy: http://www.ontariondp.ca/not_for_sale

I agree.

I agree.

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Access to affordable childcare gives families, especially mothers, a choice. Add your name to support the plan: ndp.ca/childcare/fb4

National Union of Public and General Employees | Clear majority of Canadians oppose…
OTTAWA, Oct. 15, 2014 /CNW/ – Corporate lobbyists and conservative politicians continue to push for the privatization of public services, but a new poll shows that Canadians are deeply mistrustful of privatization schemes. A large majority of Canadians believe that we weaken our country’s core value…

Tainting love
IN THE argot of human rights, LGBT means lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender—a catch-all term for sexual minorities. But Yahya Jammeh, president of Gambia for 20…

Her message, "I believe that a war can never be ended by a war."

Her message, “I believe that a war can never be ended by a war.”

Missing Malala’s Message of Peace: Drones Fuel Terrorism
On October 10, Pakistani teenager Malala Yousafzai–who received worldwide attention after being attacked by the Taliban for her advocacy for girls’ education–was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, along with Indian activist Kailash Satyarthi. Yousafzai’s work on educational equity is well-known. But le…


Brenda Sayers

To the People of Canada,Hupacasath First Nation today released our letter to the People’s Republic of China and the Government of Canada.I would like to make a personal plea to the people of Canada.Hupacasath First Nation has worked very hard over the past two years on behalf of all People of Canada.“Brenda Sayers added “When no one else stood up to challenge the terms of FIPPA, we felt it was our duty to step forward on behalf of our Nation, First Nations across the country, and all Canadians.””Now, as our last shot at challenging FIPA, we have initiated a letter writing campaign.But…we cannot do it alone. We need your help. The success lies in your hands.Please take a stand, exercise your personal sovereignty and as you approach your Chief & Councils and City Councils, remember your children, grandchildren, future generations and their right to clean air, water, traditional foods and the right to sustain their families through jobs. Remember the devastation currently taking place on the land and insist, insist they take a stand.All of us have worked so hard let’s not make it all for nothing. This is the last opportunity we will have and it is crucial that we use our collective voices.At the flick of the wrist, Prime Minister Harper has changed our country for 31 years, undermining everyone’s constitutional rights. It is important to let the People’s Republic of China know that the Federal Government did not follow due process.“Without waiting for clarification from the courts of Canada on its obligations to First Nations and their constitutionally protected rights, the Government of Canada has created a needless situation of conflict which creates considerable uncertainty for the People’s Republic of China.”Please share so together we can make a difference. The letter titled “Hupacasath First Nation Puts China on Notice” can be viewed on our blog site: http://canadaonthebrink.wordpress.com/

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Privatization costs us in the long run. The Liberals have acknowledged that in the past when it came to the 407. So then why do they want to repeat the same mistakes?

Don’t let them. http://www.ontariondp.ca/not_for_sale