About Region 5

Region 5 is one of 7 geographical region within OPSEU, representing approx.  100 Locals.  It’s boundaries are:

West: Port Credit north along Hwy 10 to Hwy 7 but not including Brampton
North: East along Hwy 7 to Hwy 12 but not including Brooklin
East: South along Hwy 12 to Lake Ontario but not including Whitby
South: Shoreline west to Port Credit

Region 5 Contacts


Ibrahim Bozai
416-518-2156 (cell)

OPSEU x5851


Myles Magner
Regional Vice-President
416-427-2606 (cell)

OPSEU x5853


Edie Strachan
416-254-0604 (cell)

OPSEU x5852

Other Region 5 Contacts

Aboriginal Circle Representative

Krista Maracle – krista571@gmail.com

Disability Rights Caucus

Maureen OHalloran – moh58to@sympatico.ca

John B. Rae –  thepenguin@rogers.com

Francophone Committee

Jennie Miller – jennie@opseulocal503.org 

Greater Toronto Area Council

Tracy Macmaster – tlmacmaster@yahoo.com

Provincial Human Rights

Kingsley Kwok – kingsley.kwok.opseu@gmail.com

Provincial Women’s Committee Representative

Laura Thompson – opseupwcr5@gmail.com

Provincial Young Workers Representative

Jessica Sikora – sikora.jessica@gmail.com

Rainbow Alliance

Robert Hampsey – pride@opseu.org

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