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Open Letter to Phillip Abrahams, General Manager, Shelter Support and Housing Administration

The following letter has been sent to the City official ultimately responsible for unleashing the disgraceful police operation on Tuesday against OCAP members and supporters demanding safe space and shelter for the homeless. We will not be intimidated, much less silenced, by such tactics and incoming Mayor, John Tory, will soon have these issues brought to his attention.

Phillip Abrahams, General Manager,

Shelter Support and Housing Administration, City of Toronto

Mr. Abrahams:

Following the events that took place on Tuesday, we wish to convey our outrage at the deplorable way our members and supporters were treated and to inform you that we hold you responsible for this.

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Update from Today’s ‘Safe Space Now’ Action: Women Arrested Demanding Safe Space

Picture from Today’s Action:

While the shelters are overcrowded and there is still no after-hours
drop-in for women and trans people in Toronto, the City chose to violently
arrest 5 women rather than open safe space now. The City has acknowledged
that there is a serious issue with the lack of shelter space and need for
the drop-in yet it does nothing. It is cold and will only get colder. More
people will get sick or even die on the streets because of their inaction.
Women are being sexually assaulted on an ongoing basis with no safe space
to go yet bureaucratic stalling has delayed the drop-in that Council

Those arrested have all been released from police custody and are facing
charges of mischief and trespass. They will be in court for first
appearance shortly. More details to follow about supporting those arrested.
The fight for shelter and safe space continues.

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